What is Diarywise?

Here you can read about my journey in creating Diarywise, a site for writing out diary entries, as well as the challenges that I ran into and how I solved them.

What is Diarywise?
A quick demo to use Diarywise.

I created a website called Diarywise, it is a diary website where anyone can create an account and start writing a diary entry every day. I chose to create this website because in today’s life students go through many things every day that could be very stressful. A student could be stressed about various things and some of them are school, relationships, jobs, etc. A good method of coping with stress is keeping a journal and writing about what they did every day and analyzing the parts that they didn’t think they shouldn't have done. It will cause less stress and gives the student peace of mind to focus on other things. After considering all the positive things that could be done by writing a diary, I chose to create a website where students can write an entry every day. I designed a website where students could customize their diary entry and the website. This website is designed for anyone who wants to write a diary and for the people who are looking for a website to write their diary entries in.

Calendar Page, in this page you choose a date that you want to write your Diary.

One of the most challenging parts while making the website was when I had to style the website. The most crucial part of a website is its design, colors, text, etc. Because the user judges the website by how it looks and not how it functions most of the time. If a user didn’t have a good impression of the design of the website at the first sight that they saw it then they might not be interested in further exploring it. So, while developing a website the most important part is to make it look very beautiful. The colors and how everything is portrayed on a website show how much work a person put into creating it. Even if there is not much design, having a beautiful website would help the person who created it to get more people to their website. As people say, the first impression on anything is the most important and if a website doesn’t make a good impression then people don’t like to know what is on the website.

The place where you write the diary entries.

The solution that I used for this problem is testing and applying changes. I show the color schemes design and all the design aspects to my friends and family, based on their suggestions and improvements that could be made. I kept on improving the website's design to make it look very beautiful. I also researched a ton on website design, color theory, and other aspects related to designing the website. I did not apply everything that I learned to the website but I did use some of what I learned to make the website look beautiful.  I learned a lot from my mistakes and applied everything that I learned from my mistakes to the website’s design. I enjoyed making this website. I wanted to create this type of website for a while because I love to write a diary entry every day, but when I was looking for a good website that I could write a diary entry in, I never found a website that I truly liked. That inspired me to create a website where everyone could write a diary entry every day. I didn’t expect that I could finish this website and make it work but in the end, I made it very beautiful and functioning.

Settings page where you can change the themes for the website.

Here is the link to the website Diarywise. https://www.enviremadstar.com/~/Diary Creator Group Project/index