Meet Intera...

Meet Intera...

Hello, my name is Reeva Khokhar and for the Summer 2021 Cohort I worked with Cyra Alesha to create a web application called Intera.

What was the inspiration behind Intera?

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic the job market had become very competitive which made it necessary for all candidates applying to jobs to be on the top of their game in their interviews. Keeping in mind, the competition in the job industry I did some research to find out what exactly made the difference when candidates gave their interviews. During my research I discovered that nearly 50% of applicants do not do well in their interview because of their lack of preparation. This inspired me to create Intera to provide a platform for people to easily prepare for their interviews.

What is Intera?

Intera is a cost-free solution to landing your dream job. It revolutionizes the job & internship preparation process through its various sets of interview questions and live interview feedback feature.

How we made Intera:

We built Intera's website using HTML, CSS, and JS and we made Intera's live interview features using machine learning, speech-to-text, and text-to-speech recognition.

How Qoom helped me make Intera:

Qoom was a great help while creating Intera! Using Qoom, I was easily able to collaborate with my partner on the same editor even though we were in two different countries. Additionally, Qoom's editor made it extremely for us to create our web application by keeping everything on the same web page. I hope to further develop Intera in the near future and I strongly recommend using Qoom for your web development projects.

Here is a link to Intera's website: