Space Arcade: a collection of online games

Space Arcade: a collection of online games

Introduction: Hello! Our names are John and Evan and we have now completed two sessions of the Qoom creator group. During our first session in the winter we created our first game 'Space Race' and an account system using Javascript, HTML5 and CSS. During our second session this summer we expanded our original project to include two additional games 'HOT!' and 'Zapped', as well as creating a shop page where users can purchase cosmetics using a currency earned through playing our games called 'Space Dollars'.

Our Inspiration: The inspiration for our original game 'Space Race' came from the classic Atari arcade game with the same name. Our other games 'HOT!' and 'Zapped' however, are completely original ideas for which we had no inspiration for.

Notable Features: There are several features of our arcade that we think makes it stand out and different from other web based games.

The first of which being a 'News' page, which is basically a page on the start screen where we updated players on the progress of the development of our project through the summer. What made us do this was that whenever we played other games, we always thought it was a nice touch when the developers would keep the players in the loop in terms of development or upcoming new features. This 'News' page also served as a record of our progression which helped for giving our weekly update at our Qoom Creator Group meetings.

A screenshot of the 'News' page

Another feature of our arcade that we think will make players want to keep on returning to our game is the 'Shop' page. Having a currency that players can earn through playing and then spend on a shop is a sure-fire way to make sure people will keep playing your game because they are incentivized by the items in the shop.

A screenshot of the 'Shop' page

Finally, a feature that we think makes the games themselves more fun is how it gets progressively more difficult the higher your score. The code for this can be seen below. In our 'Space Race' game for example, the higher your score, the higher the number of space debris will spawn and the faster these debris will be moving. We think this makes the games more exciting and that it adds an increasing amount of intensity as your score gets higher.

A screenshot of the code that controls the difficulty of 'Space Race' 

Final Thoughts:

We've both always been really into video games, so the chance to create one was a really fun experience that gave us a new sense of respect for game developers.

Check out our project here: