The Best Way to Learn Coding: Building Your Own Project

The Best Way to Learn Coding: Building Your Own Project

Originally Written by Yanran Le, July 31 2020

These days it seems like coding has become an essential skill. Everyone is looking to pick up coding skills and the internet is scattered with all kinds of resources. Resources range from coding courses, to bootcamps to coding tutorials, and it's normal to feel overwhelmed. I'm here to help guide you through a couple of these resources so you can be on your way to developing your own ideas!

To begin, you will want to learn the basics of a coding language. There are many resources that can help with this. You can sign up for courses that can provide excellent explanations and step by step help on how to create certain projects. For all the visual learners, it is easy to find tons of tutorials on YouTube by simply typing which language and what function you'd like to learn into the search bar.

The best way to learn is by building and running your own web project.

Although there are many resources as mentioned that will provide some basic understanding of code and how to perform certain functions, the way to become a real developer is to make the leap from coding tutorials to building projects. Building your own project with your own ideas is the fun part of coding that also gives you the most useful experience. With coding tutorials, you may find yourself stuck coding basic learning apps and your learning start to plateau. That is when you should shift to some more "hands on" learning. Transitioning from tutorials to coding your own project can be daunting, but there are also resources that can help you with this.

Qoom, an all-in-one coding suite that offers an in-browser code editor helps with exactly that. With Qoom, you don't need to worry about any installations, implementations or publishing. All you need to focus on, is coding your ideas. Qoom is a great space for coders of all levels to create their own web projects. Supporting all front-end markup and script languages, Qoom provides a live preview as you code and instant deployment. You can store all your files and projects under your own domain. Qoom is also a collaborative space that allows you to share and show off your new projects with friends!It is definitely the go to platform for coding your own project.

There are also specific resources for you when you embark on the journey of building your own project. One popular resource is, which is a non-profit organization that not only teaches you language syntax and function but also offers 6,000+ tutorials. With 300 hours, you can even obtain different certificates for your new skills by completing a list of tasks. You can also find tons of videos created by freecodecamp that teach you how to build certain projects. For example, this video that shows you how to make your own YouTube App.

Another resource that would come in handy as you create projects is, which provides source codes for simple stand-alone apps that customize in Qoom. For example, if you wanted to create a to-do list app, you may want to refer to these source codes: ToDoLists.

Qoom is the best tool for creating your own web project.

Using Qoom, with the help of other resources like freecodecamp and codepen, there is nothing out of reach. Qoom helps make your learning process as smooth as possible. In no time, you will be coding like a pro.

So what are you waiting for? Start learning now and see what kind of project you can build! Good luck!

Originally Written by Yanran Le, July 31 2020